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Do I have to have experience riding a Segway?

How easy is it to learn to ride a Segway?

No prior experience with Segways is needed. Before every tour, we spend about 15 minutes teaching you about the Segway, how to ride it, and even have a mini course that we will guide you on as you get comfortable riding the Segways.



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“Much More than I expected!

Our small group booked a Scottsdale Segway tour for a mid-week morning. Two people in our group had not used a Segway before, and did not know what to expect. It was great!

They were thorough in their explanations of how to ride, were concerned with safety and with making sure that everyone felt completely comfortable before proceeding with the tour.

Once the tour got going it was so easy to ride the Segways and to cover a lot of ground in Old Town Scottsdale.

The professional care and attention that they demonstrate in running these tours is exceptional. The Segway tour was one of the highlights of our vacation in the Phoenix area!

Christine D

“Fun way to see the city!”

After a short training course to ensure that we were comfortable on the segways we had a really fun time exploring Old Town Scottsdale.

I got to hear interesting facts which I would never have known had I gone on my own and we had the bonus of a fun ride!

Our guide was very careful to ensure that our drive was safe as well as fun. This is definitely a tour you should take if you are in the area.

I found this company to be very professional and when I had a question I received a quick response.

New York